Excel Array Formulas — Advanced Functions

Array for­mu­las — what are they? Describ­ing the array for­mu­las in Excel is not easy as this is an umbrel­la term. One hand it might mean using the same for­mu­la (or part of it) on num­ber of items to return a sin­gle val­ue in one cell. On the anoth­er — the func­tion can be entered in… Read More

Expanding (Running) Reference

An expand­ing ref­er­ence is present when for­mu­la address­es range by com­bin­ing absolute ref­er­ence at the beginning/ending of the range with a rel­a­tive ref­er­ence at the oth­er end. This way when the func­tion is applied (expand­ed) to cells in any direc­tion it will piv­ot the address­ing from the fixed end of the range and change its… Read More

Named Ranges

Any range of cells, being just a sin­gle one or much big­ger body, can be assigned a unique name. This way, instead of ref­er­enc­ing the under­ly­ing cells by the reg­u­lar address­ing, the defined name can be used. This approach tends to make it eas­i­er for the user to both under­stand the nature of the data… Read More